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I am selected to participate in Saga Furs Award Winner Seminar in Denmark. Saga Furs Design Centre invites top design houses, rising young talent, and students of design to exclusive in-house workshops and seminars. During the seminar I was trained by skilled fur professionals on advance techniques combining fur with different materials.


Per Reinkilde, head of product development at Saga Furs Design Centre...

Seminars blend young designers, who have won prestigious awards sponsored by Saga Furs, in a mix of talent, gender, tastes and cultures.  Designers headed toward careers bring ideas, share ideas and learn at Award Winner Seminars. The assembly of talent at a mid-August seminar was no exception. “Some of them have a lot of potential for finding a spot in the fur industry in the future,” says Per Reinkilde,

The results can be dynamic,” says Reinkilde. “Even after nearly 30 years of teaching fur techniques to aspiring talent and top-name designers, it never ceases to amaze me how imaginative young people are. I often see the genesis of a new concept come from a young designer’s sketches or ideas.”


My thoughts..

Why choosing fur as a material relate to the future of fashion

Why choosing fur as a material relate to the future of fashion

The future of fashion is based on high tech innovations that will improve our wellbeing, as well as products that give back to wildlife and our earth.We are entering a era of extreme transparency. We are evolving and shifting our perspectives, by choosing to become better educated on the truth behind “environmentally responsible products”, and choosing ethical, yet unconventional solutions that will play a vital role to our futures.

Choosing real fur as a material for my label is based on giving back life to wildlife and our earth.   My customers are Lucid and have a clear understanding, that in order to maintain a sustainable population of wildlife, fur from the wild is a better choice because it provides a renewable and sustainable resource. That means we only use part of what nature produces each year without depleting wildlife populations or damage the natural habitats that sustain them. The goal is to maintain long-term ecological balance to improve future living of animals and humans.

Using toxic, artificial materials only harms our environment, humans, and animals thriving here.  Faux furs are made of nylon and polyester which are the main culprits of the immersion of microfibers. These are the tiny non biodegradable pieces of plastic that enter and pollute our waterways, marine life,  and ultimately our food chain.

Product traceability and transparency across the value chain and is very important to my label and customers.  Traceability stands for the reliability of the product’s origins; through precise documentation, and ensures humane treatment of animals.  That is why Veronica Apsan trusts Saga Furs because of their traceability system and their continued commitment to sustainably and ethically sourced fur.

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Next to my mentor Bernadette Grinley in @sagafurs thank you book💞Thank you so much Saga for having me apart of your Award Winners Seminar. Amazing collections to come! 

Veronica Apsan