I mentored a young girl Cindy in creating her first capsule collection, and in showcasing her designs on the runway. I worked with her from concept to creation by evolving her design development, and then draping, patternmaking, and sewing the garments for her. 

When I met Cindy, the first impression was her contagious smile, her friendly demeanor, and her abundance of positive energy.

She showed me her sketchbook and looking through the book; I could immediately see her natural creative talents. A talent that is necessary and fundamental for success as a fashion designer.  

As I looked through her sketchbook, it became apparent to me that each page was a piece of art on its own; unique and harmonious. Her design sketches look effortless, yet they apparently took the time to develop. Beautifully water colored scenes that capture the imagination filled each page

After our first meeting, I became excited at the thought of passing some of the knowledge I have obtained at FIT to Cindy.  I could not wait to provide her the experience of being a fashion designer....(Both the glamorous and the not-so-glamorous parts) haha !

Her first "homework assignment" was to create thumbnails of one of her designs.  On a hot summer day we began the project by visiting several fabric stores;  a seemingly simple but yet a laborious task.  We discussed fabric choices and how to develop a color story. Why certain fabrics were more appropriate for her designs than others. Why beautiful swatches is the best way to represent her designs in her portfolio.

Reflecting on our time together, we learned so much from our experience. Not only did I help Cindy, but she also helped me. We showed each other what we are capable of doing- our possibilities are endless.  It all starts with a passion for what you do!

I organized and curated the entire event,, bringing Cindy’s family, friends, and Fashion Institute of Technology faculty together for a wish of a lifetime! On behalf of FIT President Dr. Joyce Brown- I presented Cindy Li a certificate of excellent achievement at The Fashion Institute of Technology.

 Thank you to everyone involved in making this special "Make a Wish" day a success.  I am happy to be part of making Cindy's wish become a reality. This day was unforgettable. Cindy, you are beyond talented!  Love you to the moon and back 💞 Lights, camera, action ! 

Veronica Apsan